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Features of the Property:

  • Seventeen rental rooms including House and Garage.

  • Two buildings on large lot.

  • Lot size - almost 1.5 acres.

  • Property taxes - approx $6500.00.

  • Built in 1970 and 1982 and single garage in 1991.

  • Motel building #1 has 15 rooms and utility room.

  • New deck in front of motel doors.

  • Building #2 had house and two rooms.

  • New shingles on building #2 in August, 2021.

  • Motel building #1 has electric baseboard heating.

  • House and motel has boiler heating-new boiler in 2021.

  • Rooms-singles, doubles and kitchenettes.

  • 12 rooms with two beds, 5 rooms with one bed and four of them are kitchenettes.

  • Room rates are average of $70.00.

  • Wireless internet and cable TV, fridges, microwaves.

  • Newer vinyl flooring in rooms.

  • Exterior recently painted.

  • All linen is owned and cleaned in-house.

  • House has large kitchen and living room.

  • Two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

  • Office and large reception area off house entrances.

  • Large deck in yard for guests - (see picture).

  • Motel and house property is in larger town located on Trans Canada Highway #1.

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  • This 17 room motel is located in a town of approx. 3500 people.

  • There is a separate house with the motel which makes this property more valuable. The house alone like this in this town is worth quite a bit of money.

  • The buildings and property are in very good condition and the property is got good street appeal. 

  • Guests can park right by their door and walk into their room.

  • This is a great convenience that most people like.

  • This motel is wanted and used by a lot of crews that work in the area. Area has some oil drilling activity and major gas lines plus every year different construction projects.

  • Property has Manager operator.

  • Owner has had property many years and wishes to liquidate his real estate holdings.

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